Top 20 Ausdrill Shareholders

Top 20 Ausdrill Shareholders

The current Top 20 Shareholders of Ausdrill Ordinary Shares (ASX Code: ASL) are as follows:


 31 Jul 2019

1HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited152,290,56822.21
2JP Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Ltd83,121,71412.12
3Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd82,526,85312.03
4Gresham Partners Capital Limited <wholesale investors A/C>43,784,9976.38
5National Nominees Limited36,908,2975.38
6Nebraska Pty Ltd24,687,0873.60
7Bremerton PtyLtd <PM Bartlett Family A/C>24,687,0873.60
8Gresham Nominees 1 Pty Ltd <Gresham Private Equity Fund No 2A>19,594,7162.86
9Gresham Nominees 2 PtyLTd <Gresham Private Equity Fund No2B>19,594,7162.86
10Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited <Gresham Private EquityCo-Inv FD A/C>15,728,4952.29
11CS Third Nominees Pty Ltd13,905,9952.16
12BNP Paribas Nomineess Pty Ltd13,313,4051.94
13Warbont Nominees Pty Ltd9,172,2181.34
14BNP Paribas Noms Pty Ltd8,461,7261.23
15Zero Nominees Pty Ltd6,650,0000.97
16Mr BG Wright and Mrs WJ Wright <BG Wright Super Fund>5,051,0350.74
17CTS Funds Pty Ltd4,613,6870.67
18Mrs Patricia Gladys Wright3,623,5530.53
19Royale Blue Pty Ltd3,597,4000.52
20CS Fourth  Nominees Pty Ltd2,759,4380.40