Safety & Environment

The Ausdrill Group of Companies considers the effective management of Safety, Training and the Environment to be an integral part of our business. Our Company Management Plan provides an overview of strategies to be used by Ausdrill to demonstrate and fulfil our commitment to manage all Safety, Training and Environmental issues throughout our worldwide operations.

Our commitment to Safety, the Training and Development of our personnel and to the Environment is as important to us as our commitment to overall business objectives.

We aim to generate a high level of awareness, and a strong culture, in which all our personnel choose to contribute to their own safety as well as to the safety of others, and to contribute to the preservation of the environment. This will be achieved by a personal commitment to safety at all times, and recognition of the part that can be played by the individual in environmental responsibility.

Awareness of the issues and a strong culture are important factors in ensuring that all our operations are carried out safely, and completed in a timely and productive manner with minimum impact on the environment.

To ensure the development and maintenance of the desired attitudes and culture, we are committed to a structured training program based on accepted national competency standards.

Ausdrill strives to be an influential and responsible corporate entity at all levels of the company, wherever we undertake our activities, and to exert a strong and positive influence on our clients, service providers, suppliers, our personnel and the community.

  • Training initiatives and apprenticeship programs have been successful in developing a core workforce
  • Overall labour market conditions are tightening
  • Positive trends on safety performance, particularly with the growth of employee numbers, but more work to be done to reach zero targets

Ausdrill Safety Stats


Safety & Health Policy

Ausdrill is committed to the formulation and implementation of a Safety and Health Policy to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. However, it is the responsibility of ALL EMPLOYEES to support the policy and its implementation.

Ausdrill will abide by all statutory Acts and Regulations in force, wherever we work, and endeavour to maintain and improve safety and health standards beyond and above these requirements.

To obtain maximum effectiveness from this policy, the following points are significant

  • employees will be adequately inducted;
  • equipment will be maintained in a safe operating condition at all times;
  • all employees must be involved in, and contribute to, safety;
  • all accidents/incidents will be reported and investigated to prevent recurrence;
  • engineering solutions will be sought for identified safety hazards;
  • personal protective equipment will be provided and used correctly;
  • safe working procedures will be developed and implemented;
  • ongoing training will be provided for all employees.

Employees at all levels in Ausdrill and it's branches and subsidiaries must ensure their own safety and health, as well as the safety and health of fellow employees. All unsafe conditions and acts must be reported.

Safety and Health Policy