Environmental Policy

Ausdrill is committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment through education of employees, best practice procedures, compliance with legislative requirements and conforming to any specific environmental requirements of individual sites and clients.

This will be achieved by -

  • Promoting environmental awareness among all employees of the Ausdrill Group worldwide, and to increase the understanding within our workforce of environmental issues.
  • The sourcing and maintenance, by Management, of up to date records on government regulations and legislation concerning the environment, particular to each country in which operations are carried out, and informing staff of these requirements, and any changes to regulations and legislation, as they are promulgated.
  • Complying with environmental policies of the clients for whom we work.
  • Conducting our operations in a manner that ensures our work practices give the required consideration to the environment.
  • Implementing rehabilitation practices that limit the potential for erosion and land degradation.
Environmental Policy